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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just some...well, things. I am mad at Stardoll for not giving us wigs like that! Well, maybe they will be in the new section of DesingStreet. Fingers crossed =P Well anyways, I was just randomly browsing the shop so... here's my humble opinion. Has SD been loading us with goodness lately? Or is that just me...

Anyways, this is a look I made for the green gift dress everyone's been swooning over, and a note to say that I have 3 out of 4 dresses, the green, black and pink one. So, opinions, people!

And some CGs of lately...

I never really liked that hairstyle. And, for the love of God, learn how to apply make-up! And what is with all those moths hanging open?

She looks like she just stepped out of a beauty pageant [NOT a good thing, btw] with that HUH-YOOGE tiara and the enormous necklace, she has a lip-shaped UFO next to her and random hearts and stars over her. The tiara and necklace together are hideous and that dress... Well, it's just like any other gift dress. [it IS a gift dress, right?]

Rawrz and kisses,

The randomly posting Non-SS Insider

Friday, November 28, 2008

Stardoll...I hate you but I love you!

Let's hear all of the "Twerds" say: OMFGHAWTNESS!


The Stardoll does NOT do him justice.

I hope they'll have the rest of the cast soon!

Now for the hate part...

WTF is with the new layout!

I just got new glasses today, Stardoll. Doesn't mean you have to force me into wearing them.

Everything is too small, and way too much on the left.

Bhahaa the letters read "My Place..Lmao I srsly wish I lived here XD"

Well...Wouldn't anyone?

I might update later.

Till then..


Your Non-SS Insider.

OK, OK I had to add this:
Now it's over.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And another proof that Stardoll is just a big money-making machine...

[The Secret of Moonacre is a film adaptation of the novel "The Little White Horse" by Elizabeth Goudge. The film, which started filming on 1 October 2007, is slated for a 2009 release. The World Premiere was held at Toronto International Film Festival in 2008.
It stars Dakota Blue Richards in the lead role as Maria. She said her character is very much a lady, which she felt was very different from her debutrole in The Golden Compass.
The movie is directed by Gabor Csupo, who also directed the praised Bridge to Terabithia.]--Wikipedia

Once again Stardoll strikes with advertisements..Only why have they kept it silent? That's not their way...
Please, dig around and see if you can find something. We might be able to untangle this secret....


I have to say that I am totallly Blogger retarded, so I have no idea how to spiff up my layout, or stick my MeDoll to the sidebar. Anyone care to xplain? Thanks...

xoxo Your technology un-savvy,
Non-SS Insider

Moonacre Mansion

When I opened my Starplaza bag, containing some freebies from the mothly SS sale, this book was in it..I clicked, and obligingly clicked the lock next. Clicking on the lock takes you here...Click the lit window, it asks you do you want the "gift" which is a pearl necklace. Click yes and you will be teleported back to your suite. In a gift box from Stardoll Admin. is the pearl necklace! Check Moonacre often, there are more windows yet to light up!
You heard it here first,

xoxo Your Non-SS insider.

*UPDATE* It's not working on my other account!!!! THIS IS A DISASTER!!!!

*UPDATE 2* Take a look...

Am I smart or what? *giggles* But Moonacre still isn't working on my other account...
Yes, I read Red Pen, Inc.
Ok, I promise this is the last update;
If anyone here knows who I am on Stardoll, I only have the book on 1 account and I have it in the BLUE room, upper left. Just so you know I'm not lying.
OK, I lied. I heve another update. To get the book, your country has to be set to Great Britain. All credit for this piece of info goes to the amazing ladies at The Stardoll Juice!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A look!

I wanted to try and create a look..It might suck but it's my first try.

Here it is:

L/S Everyday Top (RIO, 5 $)
DKNY Geo Printskirt (DKNY,on sale, 2 $)
40s Peep Toe Slingback Shoes (Decades, 5 $)
Hair Bow (Splendid, 4 $ )
Pink Necklace (Splendid, 7 $)
Eyeliner (Sephora Eyes, 2 $)
Mascara (Sephora Eyes, 2 $)
Bright Crimson Lipstick (Kat Von D, 5 $)
32 StarDollars
Still cheaper than a complete Philosophy outfit.
Going for the cute, classy and chic, it's simplicity in black & white, with the edgy cut of both the skirt and top. The sleek hairstyle is ideal, the make-up is discreet and a few accessories spiff it up. Get the sook in Starplaza now, for only 32 StarDollars! (Unless you already have some of the make-up and/or clothes, which I'm sure you do for the make-up and pretty sure about the DKNY skirt.)

Fugly CG, post 1.

Post 1, because there will be more to come. Oh yes. Take a look at today's brave example:

I could number so many thing wrong with this doll.

1. She is dull. Not fug, maybe, but boring. She's OK, but NOT CG MATERIAL.

2. Her outfit?? She looks like she stepped out of a cheesy old family movie.

3. ACCESSORIZE. A blunt face and pale pink on blue? Not your best match...

4. It's November. Dress your MeDoll appropriately. [I'm the one to talk, but...]

Do you see where I'm going?

How does a persone like this win CG?

There are much more fabulous people out there, I'm sure.

Only they play fair.

Not that this gal/guy[you cant be sure on SD] cheated...

I jut don't get how she won CG.

And a little rant about the monthly sale:

the window says this:.

#1: The clothes are cute and matchable by themselves (Except I never really liked that flower top). Together? Not quite.

#2 So cute! Classy - with a cheap touch :( But still cute! A great fall style!

P.S. ^Just my opinion. Dont judge.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ok, Change of plans. This blog will from now on be mostly Stardoll rants. So anyways...Just a heads up!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I forgot..

I forgot I had a blog.

I share another blog, so it's kinda weird.


What I was gonna rant about...
You know about Stardoll, right?

Well, check out the blogs I follow and you will see that I do.

Now, this isn't going to be all about Stardoll, but SD is, in fact, one of the things that annoys me the most.

Check this out:
Those prices are sky-high!
28 *bucks for an f-ing dress?
On the good side..
And the bad side..
Stardoll is 1 step closer to lingerie department..
But it's as far as it's getting, however...
As you can see, I adore this line.
Now for the goods of Stardoll...

Now that's more like it.. Underlined in pink are the OK ones. The rest is obvious. Justa note-WTF IS WITH THE F-ING CAP AND JUMPSUIT?? FUG!
I'll continue this later, I promise.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My first post!

So, what to say, what to say....
I created this blog because I feel like I actually have to write down everyday things that disturb the perfect little dreamland installed in my mind. From big issues to just my caprices, you will see detailed posting about everything that annoys me.
Today, however, nothing can annoy me. Because today is a single day of the week where I certainly won't post. My T.G.I.F. attitude keeps me out of trouble-every single time!
Well, except for that B in Geo. today. Meh. Big deal. It can be fixed.
So, until the next time something annois the c*** outta me,