Polywhore& proud! ;]

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Talk about the right place at the weird time..

I think I caught the new collection just as it's being placed in Starplaza, either that or the clothes have a glitch and will be called ELLE 1, 2, 3 etc.
Not very impressive so far, I think I should add. 1 is OK, kinda plain though, 2 is... well, not something to spend 6 *$ on. 3.. Well, we had the same, only white in the last collection. 4 is my favorite so far, although I've seen a Rio top similar to it in the StarBazaar. :/
*UPDATE*: They've taken them out of Starplaza. Way to go, Stardoll. Way to go.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

HotBuys? More like NAWTBuys.

  1. 3/10. Ewww much? Hate it, denim's totally not my thing. :[

  2. 8/10 Gorgey :] It looks pretty faded though.. :/ And it'll be SS..

  3. 10/10 Beautiful bracelets! Faultless.

  4. 9.3/10 Not something I'd carry around IRL. But it's cute on SD :]

  5. 9,9/10 Gorgeyness much? I think it's possibly the best HotBuy here that isn't an accessory.
  6. 2/10 Erm.. Yeah, riiigghht. Because I really want to look like I'm wearing recycled tin cans.
  7. 8,5/10 This looks cute, I love the colors but I'm not gonna be crazy about the price I'm sure...
  8. 0/10 Need I say more than FUGLY?
  9. 3/10 I think we need more of these on SD, they're just so fashionable! NOT.
  10. 9/10 They'll look good on some people, but some just won't pull them off.. =/

Overall: 6/10. A bad moth for HotBuys.

Model: She's cute, great contrast with the blonde hair, I think her eyes are just a tad too creepy, an overall of 7/10, it isn't her fault they drew such a hideous clothing combo on her... x]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

*holds hair back while puking*

I only have one thing to say:
Wasn't that peineta thing in Splendid, like, forever?
The top is... well, ew. I'm just not feeling it.
The vests. Honestly? I think they look like crap. I thought tango was about red dresses and long, flowy skirts, not random black vests.
The necklace is OK, I guess.
OMFG TheCARDIGAN! Luuurrves it :]
Ew on the pants. Seriously?
Vest: Ditto.
The dress is cute though, kinda shapeless, but ok.
The skirt? Now you're talking! Gorgey :]

Friday, February 13, 2009

I've been punished/sick.

So I didn't have much Internet access lately, and even when I did, it was barely long enough to check up on what you people were all doing... Today I got so bloody sick (yes i'm in my British expressions mood today) I couldn't move and I just got 5 mins on the computer. So, a resume of this week (no pics :[)

  1. New Lame & Expensive! Ew much? There were only, like, 9 pieces I actually liked.
  2. "New" shop: The Little Pink Shop! Gorge much? I'm a sucker for cute, cuddly pinkness :]
  3. A free red lipstick for everyone!
  4. Erm.. A lot of V'day stuff?? xD

Yeah, that would be it! G2g!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have you noticed?

I regularly check my Feedjit widget [somewhere below the blogroll, if you haven't seen it yet] and I notice that most of the people that stumble across this blog come here from....
*drumroll, please*
The one and only The Stardoll Juice!
That's good to know xD

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More styled outfits :]

So I was fooling around in Starplaza and I made this cutie! Whaddya think?

"Yeah, I bet they wore whole dresses on necklaces in the 20's."
"Whoa, disn't anyone tell you? You're supposed to be wearing a costume."
[Yes, I recently watched Mean Girls for the trillionth time.]

Everything you'll need :]
This has been
The High Princess Fairy Of Lollipops;
The Confused/Vicious kitty;
The LollyPOP!;
The Crazy Little Rockstar;
The Grammar Princess;
And, heck, this list could go on and on.
But you know it's your one and only
R'Muffins! ;]
[aykayay the Muffster/Anon. Crusher xD]

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey ladies and possible lads :]

Long time no post, huh?
Yup. :]
I've had my modem unplugged because of a certain C in Physics which today turned out to be a D.
But forget about my personal life.
Let's talk Stardoll.

1. New DKNY
I won't post pictures, because you're probably sick of them so far :P
Me likey, because it's fresh and bright, but we did expect somehting glam and gorgeous.
So this is kind of a letdown.
But I still like it.
Lime green?
Way non-DKNY-ish.

2. New LE, big whoop.
It's all Valentine's Day themed, and that makes my 2 most hated subjects to write about: Lame&Expensive, and the lamest "day" of anyone that was ever invented.

3. Ding-dong, the bitch got deleted and is back again!
BBB's famous blog was deleted several days ago; only to be reincarnated at the brand new location.
As you would guess, tons of people suspect that it's a BBB poser, although I must say if she is, she's doing a good job copying the graphics.

4. Star Awards today. I don't ever attend award shows so don't expect any reviewing.

5. Idk, you tell me!

P.S. I loaded the playlist with... Macedonian rap xD It's my new obsession, so it'll stick around for a while :] You'll have to deal with it.