Polywhore& proud! ;]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Screw this.

I'm outta here. Screw the plans abou making this a boring blog about my life. I'm completely shutting off Stardoll and Blogger. Goodbye. This is my last post.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Like, WOW. (NOT.)

This girl got her StarDesign dress IRL!
Now, there were several things in her interview that made me L.A.W.L.
In all of their copy/pasted glory;

Where are you going to wear it (the dress)?
I've already worn it to the mall and will wear it to church and probably 10th Birthday party.

Well, this could just be me, but I have a feeling that isn't the most appropriate thing for church. (Despite the fact I avoid going to actual churches, as they I mean, WOW.)

Would you like to be a professional Designer when you grow up?
That would be awesome, I'd like to custom decorate homes, I would also like to be a gourmet chef.

^Not exactly what you were asked... :/

Do you have a favorite style icon?
No, not really but if I had to choose, I'd say Miley Cyrus !

Now, hun, I like Miley and all, but Miley as a style icon? Nah, I just can't see it, if y'all know what I mean.

Yeah, anyways, this blog will be going back to being a blog about my life, so if you just followed to look at SD stuff, you can un-follow after Monday, seeing as on Sunday will be my last post as a not-yet-teenager and also my last SD related post.
(To all of you that wondered, yes. I AM quitting Stardoll.)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Talk about the right place at the weird time..

I think I caught the new collection just as it's being placed in Starplaza, either that or the clothes have a glitch and will be called ELLE 1, 2, 3 etc.
Not very impressive so far, I think I should add. 1 is OK, kinda plain though, 2 is... well, not something to spend 6 *$ on. 3.. Well, we had the same, only white in the last collection. 4 is my favorite so far, although I've seen a Rio top similar to it in the StarBazaar. :/
*UPDATE*: They've taken them out of Starplaza. Way to go, Stardoll. Way to go.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

HotBuys? More like NAWTBuys.

  1. 3/10. Ewww much? Hate it, denim's totally not my thing. :[

  2. 8/10 Gorgey :] It looks pretty faded though.. :/ And it'll be SS..

  3. 10/10 Beautiful bracelets! Faultless.

  4. 9.3/10 Not something I'd carry around IRL. But it's cute on SD :]

  5. 9,9/10 Gorgeyness much? I think it's possibly the best HotBuy here that isn't an accessory.
  6. 2/10 Erm.. Yeah, riiigghht. Because I really want to look like I'm wearing recycled tin cans.
  7. 8,5/10 This looks cute, I love the colors but I'm not gonna be crazy about the price I'm sure...
  8. 0/10 Need I say more than FUGLY?
  9. 3/10 I think we need more of these on SD, they're just so fashionable! NOT.
  10. 9/10 They'll look good on some people, but some just won't pull them off.. =/

Overall: 6/10. A bad moth for HotBuys.

Model: She's cute, great contrast with the blonde hair, I think her eyes are just a tad too creepy, an overall of 7/10, it isn't her fault they drew such a hideous clothing combo on her... x]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

*holds hair back while puking*

I only have one thing to say:
Wasn't that peineta thing in Splendid, like, forever?
The top is... well, ew. I'm just not feeling it.
The vests. Honestly? I think they look like crap. I thought tango was about red dresses and long, flowy skirts, not random black vests.
The necklace is OK, I guess.
OMFG TheCARDIGAN! Luuurrves it :]
Ew on the pants. Seriously?
Vest: Ditto.
The dress is cute though, kinda shapeless, but ok.
The skirt? Now you're talking! Gorgey :]

Friday, February 13, 2009

I've been punished/sick.

So I didn't have much Internet access lately, and even when I did, it was barely long enough to check up on what you people were all doing... Today I got so bloody sick (yes i'm in my British expressions mood today) I couldn't move and I just got 5 mins on the computer. So, a resume of this week (no pics :[)

  1. New Lame & Expensive! Ew much? There were only, like, 9 pieces I actually liked.
  2. "New" shop: The Little Pink Shop! Gorge much? I'm a sucker for cute, cuddly pinkness :]
  3. A free red lipstick for everyone!
  4. Erm.. A lot of V'day stuff?? xD

Yeah, that would be it! G2g!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have you noticed?

I regularly check my Feedjit widget [somewhere below the blogroll, if you haven't seen it yet] and I notice that most of the people that stumble across this blog come here from....
*drumroll, please*
The one and only The Stardoll Juice!
That's good to know xD

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More styled outfits :]

So I was fooling around in Starplaza and I made this cutie! Whaddya think?

"Yeah, I bet they wore whole dresses on necklaces in the 20's."
"Whoa, disn't anyone tell you? You're supposed to be wearing a costume."
[Yes, I recently watched Mean Girls for the trillionth time.]

Everything you'll need :]
This has been
The High Princess Fairy Of Lollipops;
The Confused/Vicious kitty;
The LollyPOP!;
The Crazy Little Rockstar;
The Grammar Princess;
And, heck, this list could go on and on.
But you know it's your one and only
R'Muffins! ;]
[aykayay the Muffster/Anon. Crusher xD]

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey ladies and possible lads :]

Long time no post, huh?
Yup. :]
I've had my modem unplugged because of a certain C in Physics which today turned out to be a D.
But forget about my personal life.
Let's talk Stardoll.

1. New DKNY
I won't post pictures, because you're probably sick of them so far :P
Me likey, because it's fresh and bright, but we did expect somehting glam and gorgeous.
So this is kind of a letdown.
But I still like it.
Lime green?
Way non-DKNY-ish.

2. New LE, big whoop.
It's all Valentine's Day themed, and that makes my 2 most hated subjects to write about: Lame&Expensive, and the lamest "day" of anyone that was ever invented.

3. Ding-dong, the bitch got deleted and is back again!
BBB's famous blog was deleted several days ago; only to be reincarnated at the brand new location.
As you would guess, tons of people suspect that it's a BBB poser, although I must say if she is, she's doing a good job copying the graphics.

4. Star Awards today. I don't ever attend award shows so don't expect any reviewing.

5. Idk, you tell me!

P.S. I loaded the playlist with... Macedonian rap xD It's my new obsession, so it'll stick around for a while :] You'll have to deal with it.