Polywhore& proud! ;]

Monday, December 29, 2008

Taking a break.

From what: Polyvore, Blogger, Stardoll, everything.
Why: I have my reasons. Mostly it's like a rehab program and connect that to the fact that I'm buying an excercice mat and practicing swimming.
How long: As long as it takes. Maybe a month, maybe less. Depends.
In what form: I will log on, but timed, I won't read messages, won't fave/comment. Won't write or comment posts on Blogger, won't shop on Stardoll.
Anything that can put me off it: If you can tell me sincerely what you think about me ..., I'll reconsider some points and tell you. [That means: Go on Polyvore and type the email and the password tellthetruth (i think =/)]

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Like, I totally haven't posted in AGES! Gawd. Silly old meh. =]
Kay, sorry about that outburst up there [I've been hanging around Vicky a lot and shtuff so yeah...] And now back to the topic.
I don't want to do the ra(n)ting of the red releases and HBs because I did them on Stardoll In Our Eyes and don't appreciate the whole copy/paste thing =/
Anyways, SD greeted me with a pleasant sight when I logged on this morning =]
Enjoy! [As of now, you will know the rant begins once I say 'Enjoy' =]]

Gorge. As usual, SD seems to be doing good when the concentrate.

Still going perfect. But the black dress? A big NO.

The necklace is a mess, clumped together, looks like the SD designer got bored. The tiara? I usually love them but....Well, see for yourself:

Apparently, it's wearable. In you know what way.

And this is to prove it's real--the designers have gone MAD! Ugh. =/

Well, at least we get some decent clothes.

Kay, this post is laaaaateeee and I'll probably post about the new dresses soon!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

How do you you know you died and went to heaven? SD gets a good CG.

Oh, and old news-I decided to get myself a new look-to coordinate with the party theme! Well, ok, the outfit isnt quite there but..

Idk...I should be studying Physics but I'm posting this instead soo...

Friday, December 19, 2008

E&J [way late]

Ok, I know I haven't been posting much but school life has been pretty hectic lately and regular posting will resume after I fix my grades this week.

Anyways, here's the little look I made for Elisabeth&James, the new RB.

Well, being me, I didn't take a close-up of the make-up. So you'll have to experiment. =]

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I hate History..=[

I know I haven;t posted in a while..I have a LOT of catching up to do, both in school [wayy too many History lessons] and on SD. I heard things about E&J, the new thing from the Olsens and stuff and I'll check it out right away so anyways.. New post coming up! [Hopefully.]

Friday, December 12, 2008

Get the look- Xmas Pixie Gone Wild

Are you:
  • Superstar;
  • Kinda have loose cash lying around;
  • Coming to the Xmas party, 5:00 PM GMT in my guestbook [Rini4e, not the other accounts]
  • Know the clothing theme "Xmas pixie gone wild"
  • Have no idea how to dress?

Here's my little solution, and quite the dreamy outfit! [P.S. DO NOT COPY THE WHOLE STYLE!! It's good to be inspired, but not to copy.]

Add some spiffy white accessories and you're good to go!

©Rini4e, 13 December 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Am I smart or what?

Teehee! Now I know how many days of Moonacre gifts there are! And, guess what:
^Copy&&paste to get today's Moonacre gift! I think it kinda works like the spoilers... Change the number at the end [tommorrow, NOT today] and you get tommorrow's gift!
[P.S. All credit for the Moonacre thing goes to club -PINKaholic-!]

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Project Runway comes to Stardoll!

It's big, it's new, and it's coming to Stardoll! Dreamt of always being a famous designer on SD? Always wanted to help in being a model? Here's your chance! More info on Stardoll's Most Hated Website. Hosted by Kasia (Undamyumbrellla), Alex (Vnvi), Mario (Dodence_bt) and Selena (model-selena)

[Being too lazy and too limited in time, I had to use material from one of my fave blogging girls, Yas! Visit her flitterific blog here.]

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What? Everyone's making them.

Friday, December 5, 2008


No way....XP

And the Most Wanted LE item is...

[Drumroll, please]

Apparently, the pride of possessing overcomes the good taste..

Not that I don't like the tights; they are quite adorable.

But there were better things out there! However, they were slightly expensive. What? Very expensive, you say? Nooo, why would that be? Cheapest things I have seen. [I was being sarcastic, for all the dummies out there]


225$ FOR A DRESS??? And the ugly one, too, with the zippers [shivers]

Way too disturbed to post any more,

The Confused Kitty [still me!]

^ My favorites from the entire collec.

All the clothes! I know it's messy, but wtf is the point in making pretty posts when no one reads them?
*Grawr*, The Confused Kitty [Still me!]


We were all going nutty about LE...

I caught it!

One of the first to catch it, apparently.

Didn't we see it coming? All superstar. Prices up to a startling 225 sd for a dress.

I just want people who will do good with these clothes to get them...

Not someone who con't make them work.

There are still loads left, according to the labels.


An absolutely FLIPPING

Non-SS Insider

Thursday, December 4, 2008

LE: Limited Edition Collection

[Photos courtesy of The Stardoll Juice]
One word: WANT. These are the most gorgeous, stylish clothes SD has graced us with in ages!

Adorable. I especially adore the dress.

Those boots are to virtually die for!

I'm not going to even say it. But another pair of swoon-worthy boots!

Well, let's at least hope we'll be able to snatch some of these beauties..I certainly won't, since I have a password on my computer since yesterday. It perfectly compliments my C- in Physics [I think the minus is because I had written "I'm with the vampires" on top of my test.. *insert cool vampire smiley here*]

So, as SD says, these clothes work on a "first come, first served" principe. I just hope they will go into good hands *shivers*.

So, as we are expecting the LE clothes, stay safe and jolly throughout the holiday season.

Rawrz and kisses,

A really pissed Non-SS Insider


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


That's partly for Winter Fairy, partly for...

Well, a picture tells a thousand words.

Well, like we didn't see the doll coming. [Although, by the time I will be able to see it, it'll obviously be May, the way things are moving...]

But...That leftover-turkey-feathers-dress-ish-type-thingy







Once again, SD proves they pick the "Pick" out of the new things that don't sell....

*too mortified to post*

*and tired, because she spent all day yesterday drawing hello, emo and princess [don't forget scene] kitties all over people's hands....*

Anyone else as LMAOed or WTFed as I am?

  1. Tingeling Fairy Pantyhose: EWWWW....!!!..>!>!>!!!!!1!11!!!!!!@!!@!@$@$^*#!(__&!
  2. Tingeling Fairy Wings: Ok...Major WTF factor, though.
  3. Tingeling High Heeled Pumps: SWEET!
  4. Tingeling High Knee Boots: Uhm..Ok, I guess. Not swoon-worthy, but deffz "hmm, nice"-worthy
  5. Tingeling Strapped Platform Shoes: Uh, sure. OK. If you are into that kind of stuff..
  6. Snowflake Necklace: Have I mentioned that the one that wants to marry me has to propose with this, not some icky, huge diamond ring.
  7. Winter Fairy Crown [green]: You.Have.Got.To.Be.Kidding.Me.
  8. Winter Fairy Crown [icy]: Smooth. OK, I guess. Cute, but way too huge.
  9. Tingeling Fairy Dress [dirty pink, greyish blue thingies in the skirt]: Had potential, but SD screwed it up.
  10. Fairy Fether Dress: [the thing that is all crossed over in one of the pics]: Oh, it appears the SD designers plucked their own turkey for Thanksgiving and tried to cleverly get rid of them. Nice try.
  11. Tube Dress w/ Tulle: Ick. Ick, Ick. A million times ICK
  12. Tingeling Winter Fairy Dress: Awwh...So cute!
  13. Tingeling Tingeling Dress: Deffz WTF factor.

There is also some new hair colors down at Dorée, however they don't appear to apper in the shops, only in the new items section, therefore I can't rate them yet. The names are: Midnight Blue [darkest, I think I'll like it], Winter Fairy Blue [palest, and kuh-yoot as hell in the bottle] and Wonderland Blue [bluest, looks ok but we'll see. Also with according highlights.

P.S. Excuse my clumsiness at Paint and therefore the crappiness of this screenshot. [Kill me if that was spelled wrong.]


Um, excuse me? I think this tank top should be in the coat section..Oh, the FAIL section, you say? Right on it!

I was looking around the Starbazaar..And I found this beauty!

First time that a garment made me wish I was superstar.

^^Second, third etc. time.

HarajukuGirlPL was one of the top broadcasters these days...Her designs are so rockin' good that I almost went to beg my parents for SS.

If you want to visit her and maybe buy,

this is her page.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Pretentious much? Yeah, MUCH.

Description [and I quote]: Only Superstars Can join THIS club. We talk about Hot&Not In Starbazzar and other SS related.
Pretentious much? I am sick of all these 'Elite' clubs. Not just Superstar clubs, there are others.

The picture says it all.

And, lol. This girl made my day!

Hotboys, huh? I think I need a refill of those..Annoyed the crap out of the old ones.
It's funny how you can find these little gems among all the people screaming:"HUGE SALE COME QUICK EVRYITHING 1-6 STARDOLLARS!!!"

Today's CG

No, not a rant about how fugly she is. She's actually pretty cute. Normal, at least.

I went to her suite and...The glitch we all had is still here! Double accs, no clothes! And what is with all the covergirls wearing gift dresses these days...