Polywhore& proud! ;]

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey ladies and possible lads :]

Long time no post, huh?
Yup. :]
I've had my modem unplugged because of a certain C in Physics which today turned out to be a D.
But forget about my personal life.
Let's talk Stardoll.

1. New DKNY
I won't post pictures, because you're probably sick of them so far :P
Me likey, because it's fresh and bright, but we did expect somehting glam and gorgeous.
So this is kind of a letdown.
But I still like it.
Lime green?
Way non-DKNY-ish.

2. New LE, big whoop.
It's all Valentine's Day themed, and that makes my 2 most hated subjects to write about: Lame&Expensive, and the lamest "day" of anyone that was ever invented.

3. Ding-dong, the bitch got deleted and is back again!
BBB's famous blog was deleted several days ago; only to be reincarnated at the brand new location.
As you would guess, tons of people suspect that it's a BBB poser, although I must say if she is, she's doing a good job copying the graphics.

4. Star Awards today. I don't ever attend award shows so don't expect any reviewing.

5. Idk, you tell me!

P.S. I loaded the playlist with... Macedonian rap xD It's my new obsession, so it'll stick around for a while :] You'll have to deal with it.